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10th September - I have now updated the All Books Ever Published page for the year 2008. Both The Queerness of Rusty and Strangers to the Marsh have now been sent to the printers and they will be delivered on 30th September. And I have written my introduction for The Grenville Garrison and finished typesetting it, and it is now about to have its final proof read. Ann is completely up to date with orders. Lovely wedding last week, and also terrific jumble sale. This week Parochial Church Council meeting on Monday in Holcombe, have also managed to visit a couple of people who are not very well, and shall shortly be going to take Assembly in Coleford.

3rd September - great holiday but huge amount on return. Ann is sending out the orders as quickly as she can, and many of them are already in the post. I am trying to finalise the two books I am typesetting at the moment - The Queerness of Rusty by Phyllis Matthewman should be ready to go to the printers at the end of the week, and I am also getting on nicely with The Grenville Garrison by Gwendoline Courtney. But I have a lot of other things to do as well, including a wedding (tomorrow) and two funerals. Today I had service this morning and this afternoon have Assembly, Wedding Rehearsal, Jill to the vet and Parochial Church Council meeting in Coleford. In between which I am trying to answer emails and do other things. Am v aware that I have not updated the All Books Ever Published page for a few weeks - it is on my list, but not quite as urgent as some other things.

For those of you ordering in Canada / the USA, please note that Susan Merskey has moved. She is now at
Susan Merskey
#406-250 Sydenham Street
Ontario N6A 5S1

Books Printing Now (to be delivered on 30 September
The Queerness of Rusty by Phyllis Matthewman
Strangers to the Marsh by Malcolm Savile

Books Delivered on 19 August
The Chalet School Encyclopaedia Vol 2 by Alison McCallum
Balconies and Blue Nets by Mabel Esther Allan

Any problems or queries please email me on