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22nd July: Just to say that copies of The Pavilion by Elfrida Vipont and The Cownappers by Monica Edwards have just arrived, and pre-ordered copies will be sent asap. Also, I hope you have seen the new forthcoming titles, and noticed what I have done on the front page.

18th July: I feel a lot better now as the FOCS magazine is done, the new GGBP catalogue is done and the parish magazine is done. I have now uploaded three new titles to the forthcoming list. I still have to sort out the order, but will do this on Tuesday after The Cownappers by Monica Edwards and The Pavilion by Elfrida Vipont are delivered. One or two other things to do, and then I shall be able to add to the All Books Ever Published page. I am sorry this has taken so long but I have just been head down recently.

11th July: last weekend was great, and I had lovely time with my dad. Since then it has been head down at the computer and I have finished the FOCS magazine except for final checking. On Monday, have a large job to do for the parish, the GGBP catalogue and the parish mag, some of which will have to be finished later in the week. Then I shall get down to all the other desk jobs I have to do including doing some necessary things on the website. This weekend we have our Fete in Coleford.  

4th July: have made some changes to the home page but still not quite right at the bottom but not going to be able to do more for a few days. Have big parish event this weekend and then am going to stay with my dad for a few days. Am getting on nicely with the FOCS magazine but there are simply not enough hours in the day.

1st July: I am so sorry not to have been here for a while, but last week was just manic - people in hospital etc as well as the memorial service which took ages to prepare. On Friday morning, I had a complete morning at my desk, uploaded The Pavilion, and then had a power cut which meant that I had no computer till late in the afternoon. I now have a list of things to do at my desk which is so long it is frightening, but am slowly working my way through it. Mark has just taught me to do several things, and I shall be doing various things this week. But I also have the FOCS magazine to put together .... Ann is up to date with orders as of yesterday. Later I have now uploaded one more forthcoming title, Strangers to Witchend by Malcolm Saville and have also changed the pic for the Forthcoming Books on the home page. Am being frustrated by more, so will leave for now.

Books Delivered on 22 July
The Pavilion by Elfrida Vipont
The Cownappers by Monica Edwards

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