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22nd August - we shall be on holiday now until Monday 1st September. We are up to date with all orders which came in before 11.30 today and any others will be dealt with on return.

19th August: today copies of The Chalet School Encyclopaedia Vol 2 by Alison McCallum and Balconies and Blue Nets by Mabel Esther Allan have arrived. Very pleased with both. Am shortly going to go and see H who is 102... Had good day off yesterday. Ann is completely up to date with orders.

14th August: the illustration panels on the front are now sorted out, but I have added the new illustration for Strangers at Witchend, and this has gone in alongside the old one, so I have to work out how to take that off. And I have made a change to the dealers' page. Other than that, have finished the typesetting of The Qeerness of Rusty, and have been rather drowning in weddings and wedding preparation. Also it's parish mag time again!

8th August: sorry not to have put anything on here for over a week, but I have actually done quite a lot to the website. Have sorted out the Complete List of Books in Print and the About Us pages, and have also altered the front page top illustration. This has not gone quite right but I shall sort it on Monday. Have spent most of this pm typesetting The Queerness of Rusty by Phyllis Matthewman which I am sure has taken me longer than it should. Have also been busy in the parish this week, and last weekend we had wonderful WW1 Commemoration Services. Tomorrow I am officiating at a wedding, which I always enjoy. Ann is up to date with all orders as of yesterday.

Books Delivered on 19 August
The Chalet School Encyclopaedia Vol 2 by Elinor Brent-Dyer
Balconies and Blue Nets by Mabel Esther Allan

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